Microsoft Yanks Ad Touting Browsing-History Removal

REDMOND, Wash. — Microsoft has pulled an online ad for its Internet Explorer 8 browser after users complained it was offensive — not because the ad insinuates you can remove porn-browsing histories, but because vomit spews all over the place.

The online ad shows a woman borrowing her husband’s laptop at the kitchen table, only to discover a website so disturbing in his browser’s history file that she vomits repeatedly all over the kitchen and her husband. The ad suggests the husband is into a sexual fetish, but the viewer won’t be able to figure the rest out.

Microsoft’s title for the ad is O.M.G.I.G.P., or “Oh my God I’m going to puke.”

Microsoft, in a statement, said the company created the ad as a “tongue-in-cheek look” at a feature in Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 8, which allows users to prevent the browser from recording any trace of their browsing history.

But the feedback wasn’t so positive, so Microsoft yanked it.

The ad still is available on YouTube, however. It can be viewed here