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Microsoft Adds Content Labeling for Webmasters

Software king Microsoft Corp. has partnered with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) to develop an add-on to its popular Office FrontPage web design software.

Microsoft Allows Sneak Peek at New Search Engine

Striving hard to attain leadership in the Internet search engine sector and knock Google from its pedestal, Microsoft Corp. offered industry analysts and members of the media a glimpse at its next killer application.

Microsoft, Apple Face Patent Lawsuit

It's not Acacia this time, but a UK company known as BTG, who's throwing the legal punches in a battle over the use of automatic web update services. And unlike Acacia, BTG is not bullying up on smaller companies in hopes of building a war chest for future litigation, but going straight after the heavy-hitters of the personal computer world: Microsoft and Apple.

Police Charge Microsoft Worker With Stealing Data

Search engine Alta Vista reached a victory Friday with the arrest of a Microsoft Corp. employee accused of stealing its corporate data. Alta Vista is owned by Microsoft competitor Overture Services, Inc., which is owned by Yahoo, Inc.

Microsoft Wants to Get Into Skin Business

Microsoft Corp. is trying to get into the skin networking business with U.S. Patent No. 6,754,472. Microsoft last month was granted the patent to transmit power and data using the human body via electrodes. Are sex toys next for the software giant?

Microsoft Updates Search Engine

Microsoft has updated its MSN search site,, transforming the old site that used to mix free and paid listings into a much more streamlined product, which looks and feels more like top search site Google, which the new search service intends to take on directly in a battle for search engine supremacy.

Microsoft Develops Search Technology

Microsoft Corp. might be far from taking market share away from search leader Google, but in an effort to stay in the race the software king launched an improved search feature this week that will be integrated into Longhorn, the latest Windows operating system slated for release in 2005.

Microsoft and Take Aim at Spam

Computer giant Microsoft Corp. has formed an alliance with to develop a single standard for fighting the spam glut.

Microsoft Settles Patent Suit

Just as the patent wars are heating up for the technology industry, Microsoft has taken a proactive stance in ending some of the pending patent infringement lawsuits that have been lingering in its corporate periphery for quite some time.

Microsoft Developers Site Makes Debut

Microsoft’s new developers site called Channel 9 doesn’t have the same charismatic feel as an XBiz discussion board, but at least it’s humble. The software giant launched its part-blog, part-geek-forum site,, amid little fanfare.

Microsoft Getting Into Search-Engine Business

Microsoft Corp. announced it will launch MSN Newsbot, which gathers news from thousands of news sites, and MSN Blogbot, which can search web logs, or personal web pages.

EU Expected to Lower Boom on Microsoft

European Union regulators next Wednesday are expected to force Microsoft Corp. to offer computer makers a version of Windows without its Media Player multimedia software for sale to European consumers. The company most certainly will be handed a huge fine, as well.

Microsoft Broadens Language Program

Adult webmasters could bolster their business because Microsoft is doubling their roster of languages. The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant said Tuesday that it is on its way to expand its language program, from 40 to 80.

Microsoft Preaches Authentication

Microsoft continued its charge against the spam industry by announcing details of an anti-spam campaign that resembles caller ID.

Microsoft Thwarts 'Phishers'

Microsoft took a stand this week against 'Phishers' who exploit the Internet Explorer browser to con computer users out of personal identity information like bank account and PIN numbers

Microsoft Kicks Off CES

In keeping with tradition at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Bill Gates kicked off the expo with his typically groundbreaking predictions for the year to come and the unveiling of Microsoft’s newest technology ventures

Microsoft Vows To End Spam

The computer giant has teamed with New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to launch a series of lawsuits aimed at LLC and its owner Scott Richter, in addition to some other well-known email marketers

Malaysian Pirates Raid Microsoft

Software pirates have managed to successfully steal a beta stage operating system code-named 'Longhorn' and are already marketing the software before Microsoft's intended release date in 2005

Microsoft Launches MSN Newsbot

Not a day after being hit by $62 million in damages after a jury decided that Microsoft infringed on a patent held by a printing software company, the company launches Newsbot.

Microsoft As Bounty Hunter?

The software giant placed a $500,000 bounty on the writers of the MSBlaster worm and SoBig email virus, which collectively have cut a destructive path through the worldwide private and public computer sectors