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Report: Strike 3, Malibu Media Account for Bulk of Recent Copyright Litigation

A top legal analytics firm released a report yesterday confirming that two adult companies — Strike 3 Media and Malibu Holdings — are responsible for the bulk of all copyright litigation in federal courts between 2018 and 2020.

Malibu Media Reaches Settlement Over Legal Bills

Malibu Media has reached a settlement with a Florida law firm which had sued the adult studio in January and accused them of owing $300,000 in unpaid legal bills.

Malibu Media Sued in Florida by Their Former Law Firm

Malibu Media, an adult content production company known for filing a large number of copyright infringement lawsuits across the country, is now being sued by their former attorneys, the Lomnitzer Law Firm for unpaid invoices for over $280,000 plus interest.

Sued by Financial Backers, Malibu Media Goes After Their Own Attorney

The Malibu Media team has sued one of their attorneys for failure to account for owed settlement funds.

88% of All U.S. Copyright Trolling Cases Involve Porn, Study Says

Eighty-eight percent of all copyright-trolling cases in the U.S. in 2014 involved an adult entertainment film, according to a new study on intellectual property litigation.

Judge Issues Strongly Worded Order Denying Subpoena Power

In a strongly worded order yesterday, a federal judge denied a motion by the operators of to subpoena a John Doe defendant accused of sharing its movies through BitTorrent.

X-Art Sought Protective Order in Porn Piracy Case

The operators of, who say they have been the target of a "fanatical Internet hate group," recently filed a motion seeking a protective order seeking to seal a deposition and an order preventing opposing counsel from discussing a porn piracy case against a John Doe. The motion was unsealed by a federal court yesterday after it was ultimately granted.

Judge Might Allow Piracy Defendant to Comb Through 2257 Records

A federal judge in Chicago yesterday, making a preliminary ruling in a porn piracy case, said that a defendant may potentially be allowed to comb through's 2257 records in discovery in support of an "unclean hands" defense. Offers Polygraph Tests in Porn Piracy Cases

Malibu Media, the parent company of, told a federal court Sunday that it will dismiss copyright infringement claims against any defendant who passes a polygraph test. The company also noted that it goes to great lengths to profile possible defendants, including surveillance of their Facebook accounts.

Judge Wary of Geolocation Technology in Porn Piracy Case

A Miami federal judge, familiar with the hundreds of porn piracy cases that have found their way and clogged her district's courtrooms, tossed one of them last week on the basis that she didn't buy into the geolocation technology that purportedly was used to finger an alleged infringer. Wins $40.5K Piracy Judgment

Earlier this month, Malibu Media, better known as, caught a large piracy fish, perhaps its biggest fish ever, when it won a default judgment against defendant L. Sagala from Muskegon, Mich.

Malibu Media Ordered to Pay Sanctions

Attorneys for Malibu Media were sanctioned yesterday by a federal judge, who said penalties would act as a deterrence over abusive attempts to coerce porn-piracy defendants into settlements.

Porn Piracy Defendant Uses 2257 as Weapon

A John Doe defendant fingered for allegedly poaching porn off a file-sharing site made charges last week that adult producer Malibu Media's 18 U.S.C. § 2257 record-keeping documents may be "incomplete, deficient or even fabricated."

FALA Asks Court to Dismiss Claim Porn Is Not Copyrightable

The First Amendment Lawyers Association filed a friend-of-the-court brief yesterday in a case that raises the position that porn is not copyrightable.

5 Porn Studios Accused of Shaking Down Piracy Defendants

Elegant Angel, Malibu Media, K-Beech, Third Degree Films and Raw Films are using the court system to "extort" money from those who have never illegally downloaded adult content on a BitTorrent network, a suit says.

N.Y. Magistrate Judge Tosses 4 Porn BitTorrent Suits

Another federal judge has ruled against a number of adult companies seeking to hold John Doe defendants on the hook for alleged copyright infringement via BitTorrent networks.