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Indonesian Police Arrest, Publicly Shame 2 Women for Camming

West Jakarta police arrested and publicly shamed two young Indonesian women for nude camming earlier this week, charging them with pornography.

Viral 'Kebaya Merah' Sex Video Prompts Obscenity Arrests in Indonesia

Two consenting adults whose sex video went viral in Indonesia last week have been arrested for obscenity, following a relentless investigative campaign by police and amateur detectives.

Bali Police Continue Arresting Creators for Making 'Pornography'

Police in Bali have arrested yet another pair of creators, charging them with “producing pornographic videos and selling them via social media and instant message services.”

Another Instagram Influencer Detained by Bali Authorities for 'Indecent Content'

Another Instagram influencer has been detained in Bali and is being investigated by police there, who accuse the creator of “creating and selling porn on social media.”

Indonesian Authorities Continue 'Obscenity' Prosecution of Popular OnlyFans Creator

Indonesian authorities have confirmed they will continue the criminal prosecution of popular OnlyFans creator Dea Gresaids, days after the influencer told the court that she is pregnant.

Instagram Influencer Detained by Bali Authorities for 'Obscenity'

A Russian influencer who posted on Instagram a semi-nude photo of herself in Bali last weekend was detained by police after a local celebrity politician alerted the authorities to a supposed act of “obscenity.”

'Porn Villa' Scandal Triggers Crackdown on Expat Content in Bali

A current international scandal and police investigation involving a couple who allegedly shot and posted sex videos while visiting Bali is yet another reminder that adult performers who shoot content away from their home regions should always be aware of the laws and penalties for the production and distribution of what could be considered as “pornography” by local authorities.

With Porn Gone, Indonesia Gives Green Light to Tumblr

Tumblr is back online in Indonesia after government official banned the blogging site for nine months due to porn on the platform.

Indonesia Bans Vimeo, Defines Nudity as Porn

Keeping with its staunch anti-porn policy, the Indonesian government banned video sharing site Vimeo for containing nudity, creating a public outcry in a country considered to be one of the world’s largest users of social media.

Akamai: Internet Speeds Go Up, Increase in Indonesia 'Attack Traffic'

Akamai Technologies Inc. recently released its "State of the Internet" report for the second quarter of 2013, highlighting the change in worldwide connection speeds and the huge increase of "attack traffic" originating in Indonesia.

Indonesia Shuts Down 1 Million Porn Sites Ahead of Ramadan

Indonesia has once again blocked access to porn in the country, this time shutting down nearly 1 million websites just ahead of the Ramadan holy observance that begins on July 19.

Indonesia Forms First-Ever Anti-Porn Task Force

The Indonesian government has formed its first ever anti-porn task force to monitor and enforce a 2008 law that prohibits the possession, distribution and manufacturing or adult products.

RIM Adds BlackBerry Porn Filters in Indonesia

Bowing to pressure from the Indonesian government, Research in Motion (RIM) is filtering porn from its BlackBerry devices.

SexGoesMobile Now Offering Billing in Indonesia

Mobile affiliate program SexGoesMobile announced today that it is now able to convert mobile traffic from Indonesia.

Indonesia Asking Public to Report Internet Porn

The Indonesian government’s Internet anti-porn crusade is now recruiting the public’s aid.

Indonesia Tells BlackBerry to Block Porn

The Indonesian government is threatening to stop BlackBerry service if service provider Research In Motion (RIM) refuses to block porn.

Indonesia Botches Porn Blockade, Shuts Down Regular Sites

A move to block illegal porn sites during the holy month of Ramadan hit a snag yesterday when 30 non-porn sites were unintentionally shut down in the rush to block vulgar content.

Indonesia House to Pass Porn Bill

Eight of 10 factions at the House of Representative have pushed for an anti-pornography bill to be passed tomorrow, despite mounting rejection.

Indonesia Set to Pass Bill Banning Online Porn

The Indonesian House of Representatives is poised to pass a bill that would criminalize viewing and distributing online pornography, imposing years in prison and hefty fines against offenders.

Playboy Editor Cleared in Indonesia Court

Playboy Indonesia's editor-in-chief has been cleared of charges of distributing indecent pictures to the public and making money from them, which could have led to a sentence of as long as 32 months.