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Eldorado Partners With Hot Octopuss for Next Facebook Live Event

Eldorado and Hot Octopuss are partnering for the next edition of the "Eldorado Presents" Facebook Live series on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 a.m. (PDT).


What Pleasure Brands Can Learn From Gen Z's Approach to Sex

The most shocking thing I’ve read about sex recently was in the autobiography of the late Matthew Perry, where the “Friends” star cheerfully admitted there was a time in his life when his penis didn’t work for many years.

Julia Margo ·

Hot Octopuss Set to Roll Out 'Pulse Queen' Wand

Hot Octopuss will debut the new Pulse Queen wand massager in January.


Examining How Sexual Cultural Differences Drive Sales Globally

Are the French really the world’s best lovers, or is that just what the movies make us think? Does the old adage “No sex please, we’re British” still apply, or has the U.K. become a bit more “Ooh, Matron!” in a post-Victorian world?

Julia Margo ·

Misguided Notions: A Look at How Vulvas Have Been Misunderstood Throughout History

When the U.K. cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust recently included the term “bonus hole” in a glossary of language relating to trans and nonbinary people, as an “alternative word for the vagina,” it sparked fervent online backlash.

Julia Margo ·

Hot Octopuss Offering 20%-Off Sale Until End of September

Hot Octopuss is running a 20%-off sale until the end of the month, which applies to items in its September Self Love Collection.

Hot Octopuss Signs Exclusive Canadian Distro Deal With Sexy Living

Hot Octopuss has named Sexy Living as its new Canadian distributor.


Circumventing Unfair Advertising Standards Against the Pleasure Industry

In 1964, a cinema owner was prosecuted for obscenity for showing Louis Malle’s “The Lovers.” The case became sensationalized news and went all the way to the Supreme Court. This led to Justice Potter Stewart nebulously defining “hard-core pornography” by originating the infamous phrase “I know it when I see it.”

Julia Margo ·

Hot Octopuss Revamps Packaging

Hot Octopuss has recently redesigned its packaging and made policy changes based on its philosophy of “making sustainability a top priority.”


Sex Is a Part of Life, So Why Is Silicon Valley So Afraid of It?

Sex is a fundamental part of life. That ought to be an uncontroversial statement. Yet my experience as co-founder of a sex tech brand with a mission to destigmatize sex and pleasure is that we have entered a new era of censorship.

Julia Margo ·

Adam Lewis Reflects on Vision That Spawned Hot Octopuss

Of all the homemade masturbation devices created by many a crafty young lad, very few have what it takes to see the light of day as a viable consumer product. Luckily for the men’s pleasure product sector, one such lad had business chops to match his teenage experiments.

Colleen Godin ·

Hot Octopuss Rolls Out Campaign Focused on Men's Mental Health

Hot Octopuss has rolled out a public service campaign to raise awareness around men's mental health.

Entrenue Now Shipping Hot Octopuss' 'PleX' Anal Plug, 'Atom Plus' Ring

Entrenue is now shipping the PleX flexible anal plug and the Atom Plus Lux remote-controlled C-ring from Hot Octopuss.

BateWorld Announces 4th Season Launch of 'Bator Training Series'

BateWorld has announced the fourth-season premiere of its "Bator Training Series," presented by Hot Octopus and a theme of "mindfulness by taking it back to nature."

Kiiroo, Hot Octopuss Partner on 'Pulse Solo Interactive' Pleasure Toy

Kiiroo and Hot Octopuss have partnered on the Pulse Solo Interactive "guybrator" utilizing "interactive oscillation" for solo and couples' play between penis-owners.

Eldorado Pairs With Hot Octopuss for Next Facebook Live Webinar

Eldorado Trading Company has scheduled the latest episode in their sexual health and wellness education series on Facebook Live, titled “Eldorado Presents: Pleasure Mythbusting,” for Tuesday, September 21 at 10 a.m. (PDT), in partnership with Hot Octopuss.


Stats You Need to Know to Get Your Business on the Road to Inclusivity

Over the past months, my team and I have been writing about disability and business — why it matters, why the time is now, and most crucially, why it can and will benefit your bottom line to be inclusive.

Julia Margo ·

Hot Octopuss Debuts Remote-Control 'Atom Plus Lux' C-Ring

Hot Octopuss has announced the debut of the Atom Plus Lux C-ring offering "a completely unique and intense experience" via remote control.


A Look at the Real-World Negative Effects of Excluding Disability From Marketing

Sexual experience and pleasure are fundamental human rights, and it should be the industry’s mission to bring those human rights to those who are traditionally excluded not just from the physical act of masturbation, but from the conversation itself.

Julia Margo ·

Is Your Inclusivity Agenda as Inclusive as You Think?

You’d have to have your head in the clouds not to notice that inclusivity is the new diversity in business. And that’s a great thing — not only for the affected communities, but also for profitability.

Julia Margo ·