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Google FAQ for Webmasters

After our recent series on Google's PageRank system, many questions have been raised about Google and how adult Webmasters can maximize

PhilC ·

Yahoo, Google Standoff

Only a week after Yahoo announced plans to get rid of Google as a search partner and establish itself as an independent search engine, the tables have turned for both Google and its rivals.


Keeping Up With Google

When Google shuffles its Page Rank calculation formula, Web businesses can crumble. Here's another look at the Google Dance and how it can affect you

Brian Dunlap ·

The Google Dance

Monitoring the Google Dance is a useful means of determining the effectiveness of changes you’ve made, and of indicating the need for changes, among your site’s pages. Here’s a basic guide

PhilC ·

Google and Themes

In our terms a theme can be many things, such as a color scheme or subject matter, but in Google's terms, a theme is the subject matter - the topic. The topic is what the web pages are about

PhilC ·

What's With All The Google Stuff?

After jumping into the adult web industry, Anand found that all roads lead to Google. For an industry full of amazing innovators, this dependence on the 'Big Brother' search engines seems to be an anomaly, making one wonder about alternatives

Anand Ramchandran ·

Google To Go Public In 2004

The number one search engine has put out the word that it plans to file an Initial Public Offering (IPO) over the next six-eight months, which for many technology analysts harkens back to the days before the dot-com crash of 2001

Google Shares Spotlight With Froogle

Word out of Silicon Valley this week from Google is that the search giant is reportedly looking to not only take Froogle to the forefront of its search page, but to also create a more powerful, search-responsive format for advertisers and users

Google Launches Deskbar

Google Labs went live today with a free software download called the Google Deskbar, which places a search feature in the Windows taskbar and streamlines the process of a performing a Google search

A Google/Microsoft Union?

Google and Microsoft began their corporate flirtation several months ago, although nothing has yet been confirmed and both sides are being extremely coy about the outcome

Google Hints at IPO

The Google team is said to be in talks with several investment bankers, including San Francisco-based W.R. Hambrecht & Co., regarding an electronic bidding auction that would make Google shares available to a wider cross-section of buyers

Google Favors Porn, Not Guns

Popular search engine Google is not winning any big fans of guns and ammunition this week after ruffling the feathers of a federally licensed firearms dealer in Connecticut by refusing to promote his gun advertisements


Going After Google

There is a wealth of traffic-building and moneymaking information available daily on XBiz' Cosmic Village Message Boards. Today, I'd like to share some valuable information on how you can improve your 'google' search engine ranking that was posted by 'Rookie' on our "Traffic Signals" forum

Rookie ·

Google Search Engine Optimization: Why Google Is Important

As the Internet's most important search engine and one of the few remaining viable indexes of adult content, Google is now the number one target for adult webmasters everywhere.

David Wolf ·

Ogling at Google

This morning I found that there was yet another thread on the Cosmic Village to catch my eye, and this one concerned the popular Google Search Directory and its 'browser enhancing' tool bar. A previous XBiz Download of the Week, I was interested in what users had to say about this 'handy' surfing feature:

Stephen Yagielowicz ·