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MysteryVibe Launches Google Assistant Action 'Pleasure Finder'

MysteryVibe has announced the launch of "Pleasure Finder," a Google Assistant action that aims to improve sexual performance.

FSC's Mike Stabile Helps Debunk Google Disinformation About Adult Performer Life Expectancy

Last week, Mike Stabile of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) helped to debunk an oft-quoted and stigmatizing statement by anti-porn activists about the life expectancy of adult performers, which is being spread worldwide as disinformation by the Google search engine.

Anti-Porn Group NCOSE Admits Attempting to Influence Google Search Results

In an unusually candid disclosure of their behind-the-scene activities to “eradicate all pornography,” leading U.S. anti-porn organization NCOSE (formerly known as Morality in Media) admitted yesterday in an official press statement that they have been holding “ongoing conversations with Google about search engine results.”

Adult Time Now Available Through Chromecast, Google TV

Adult Time's extensive catalog is now available through Chromecast with Google TV and Android TV across "all participating connected devices and platforms."

Report: Google Keywords Linked 'Black Girls,' Other Ethnicity-Based Searches to Porn

Following an inquiry by tech journalism nonprofit The Markup, Google appears to have blocked its Keywords Planner product from delivering porn-related keyword suggestions for searches combining some races and ethnicities with the words “boys” or “girls.”

This Is How Google News Helps Spread Misinformation (About Porn)

A week ago, an XBIZ report debunked a propaganda news release disseminated by anti-porn activist organization NCOSE (formerly known — before a deceptive rebranding — as Morality in Media) claiming that United Airlines had caved under the pressure of one of their campaigns and had decided to "combat rising in-flight porn use."

CamLife Magazine Releases App to Apple Store, Google Play

CamLife Magazine has released its newest edition as an app to both the Apple Store and Google Play.

We-Connect App Restored to Google Play Store

We-Vibe announced today that its We-Connect app has been restored to the Google Play Store and is once again available for download on all Android devices.

Google Removes We-Vibe App From Google Play Store

WOW Tech Group has announced that it's We-Connect app, which allows its We-Vibe couples vibrators to be used wirelessly from anywhere in the world, has been removed from the Google Play Store.

Hope Studio's 'Sacred Sword Princesses' ARPG Now Available on Google Play

Lewd gamers take on the duties of the only man in the world in Hope Studio’s “Sacred Sword Princesses,” a harem-themed role-playing game, which is now available on Google Play.

Maitland Ward Tops Google Trends With International Headlines

Maitland Ward, former "Boy Meets World" star-turned-adult-actress, has reached the number-one spot on Google Trends today, spotlighting her role in Deeper's first feature film, "Drive."

Google Debuts Privacy Sandbox, Seeks to Redefine Online Advertising

Google has debuted a new privacy initiative that it hopes will redefine online advertising.

Google Tweaks Search Algorithm for 'Lesbian' to Display Less Porn

French web searchers who intend to find news and information when they type “lesbienne” into Google’s search engine will now receive informative results instead of adult content.

U.S. Justice Department to Probe Tech Giants' Business Practices

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced yesterday that it is currently reviewing the business practices of “market-leading” online platforms, including search engines and social media companies.

Squren Ad Network Offers Google-Safe Ads

Squren Ad Network has released its newly updated Google-friendly popunder script.

Southern States Top Google Searches for 'Porn' in Last 15 Years

Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana and Kentucky are the U.S. states that have Googled the word “porn” the most in the period 2004-2019, according to Google Trends statistics.


Winners Adapt to Google, as Pop-Unders Lose

It’s easy to get carried away with the downside. We recently finished re-reviewing every image on our advertising network for “abusive experiences.” This amount of work was significant. Since we have hundreds of thousands of images from advertisers on our network, it was time consuming.

Juicy Jay ·

Google Rolls Out Mobile-First Indexing

Google has announced the beginning of its rollout of mobile-first indexing for sites listed in its market-leading search directory.


Ads Caught in a Bad Romance With Google

Dear Google, you used to be cool. Now that you’re rich and banked your first year over $100 billion in revenue, you’ve changed.

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ExoClick Offers Google-Compliant Ad Formats

ExoClick has announced its launch of a set of new Google-compliant ad formats.