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German Proposal Aims to Shut Down Financial Services for Adult Sites

German authorities have introduced a proposal to facilitate network blocks against adult sites deemed to have inadequate age verification systems, and also to prohibit financial institutions from providing payment services to those sites.

German Media Regulator Moves Forward With Block of Pornhub, Other Tube Sites

Germany's federal media regulator has initiated steps to order a block of Pornhub, YouPorn and MyDirtyHobby, escalating the country’s war against online adult content over age verification, a campaign which has been largely spearheaded by a single local bureaucrat.

Cosmopolitan Germany Names Pjur Products Among Best Lubes

The German edition of Cosmopolitan has ranked several pjur products among the best personal lubricants.

Glamour Magazine Germany Names Pjur's 'Infinity' Among Best Lubes of 2023

The German edition of Glamour Magazine has named pjur's Infinity one of 2023's best personal lubricants.

German Police Ramp Up Plan to Eliminate All Explicit Content From Twitter

German police have been targeting and intimidating specific Twitter users who post or retweet explicit material, in an attempt to move forward local bureaucrat Tobias Schmid’s campaign to purge all open platforms of adult content.

German Police Threaten Creators, Scholars for Posting Adult Content on Twitter

German police have been threatening adult content creators with criminal charges for posting explicit videos and images on Twitter.

Sex Worker Union to Host Panel at PornFilmFestival Berlin

The Sex Worker Section of German trade union FAU Berlin will host a panel discussion on Oct. 29 as a part of this year's PornFilmFestival Berlin, focusing on common problems porn performers face in both mainstream industry and indie content.

France, Germany Move Forward With Efforts to Block Adult Sites

Prompted by anti-porn activists and politicians, courts in France and Germany moved forward this week with proposed mandates to block adult sites over compliance with controversial age verification mandates. 

xHamster Affirms Commitment to 'Youth Media Protection' in Germany

xHamster signaled today that it is willing to work with German media authorities towards preventing minors in that country from accessing adult content.

Local German Anti-Porn Crusader Plans to Expand Surveillance Tool to All of Europe

The local official behind the crusade for Germany to require age verification for viewing sexual content is now seeking to expand to all of Europe the use of his new AI tool, KIVI, which automatically scans all online content to determine which images are not compliant with the law.

Progressive German Newspaper Asks for State-Funded 'Educational' Porn

Progressive German publication Taz published an opinion piece last week suggesting that state public media fund “educational” porn as part of their mandate to “protect children,” rather than attempt to censor the commercial variety.

German Regulator Who Shut Down xHamster Unveils New AI Surveillance Tool

The local official crusading for Germany to hide all sexual content behind an age verification wall unveiled this week an AI tool called KIVI, which automatically scans all online content to determine which images are not compliant with the law.

Cherie DeVille Pens Op-Ed on Germany's 'War on Porn'

The Daily Beast published an opinion piece by Cherie DeVille on Friday about the dangers of European legislation that could become “the first step toward kicking sex workers off the internet and banning porn entirely.”

TikTok Using 'Porn Filters' to Censor Other Types of Controversial Content

German investigative journalists have obtained evidence from TikTok corroborating free speech advocates' claims that some platforms are using “porn filters” to target other controversial content involving issues like politics, human rights and LGBTQ+ expression.

German Regulator Who Shut Down xHamster Describes Own Mission as 'Kafkaesque'

Tobias Schmid, the obscure local bureaucrat who spearheads Germany’s War on Porn and recently led a successful movement to force ISPs to ban xHamster in the country, gave an interview last week in which he admitted he has “no clear answer” on how to make age verification effective and acknowledged his anti-porn crusade is “a bit Kafkaesque.”

Lustery Causes Stir in Germany With 'Government-Funded' Adult Scene

Germany-based studio Lustery has released a scene in partnership with mainstream public broadcasting talk show “ZDF Magazin Royale,” which the company is promoting as “the first-ever government-funded porn film.”

xHamster Effectively Blocked in Germany After Government Order

xHamster has been blocked in Germany following a government order to the country’s top internet service providers.

German ISPs Exploring Legal Challenge to Government Order to Block xHamster

Hours after the German government ordered the country’s major internet service providers to block xHamster, one of the ISPs, PŸUR, told a digital rights group that it reserves the right “to have the decision legally reviewed by an independent court with a view to the legal regulations of net neutrality.”

German Government Orders ISPs to Block xHamster

Germany’s Commission for Youth Media Protection decided unanimously on Thursday to impose a network ban on xHamster.

Under Pressure From German Government, Twitter Begins Blocking Adult Content

Confirming the fears of sex workers and advocates around the world, Twitter has reportedly begun blocking German profiles that include adult content, after a local government official escalated a campaign to force the platform to implement age verification systems designed for “pornographic websites.”