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Bias in Banking: How FSC Is Leading the Charge in Fight for Fairness

Ask most people what they remember about the 1997 film “Boogie Nights,” and they’ll probably recall Heather Graham dancing around as Rollergirl, or the infamous pool party, or Mark Wahlberg finally — spoiler alert — unveiling his prosthetic penis.

'We are proud of our identity': ECP's Solomon Friedman on Rebranding MindGeek as Aylo

Solomon Friedman, partner and VP at Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), gave an exclusive interview to XBIZ on Thursday, offering details on the announcement of MindGeek’s general rebranding as Aylo.

MindGeek Rebrands as Aylo

MindGeek has rebranded as Aylo, a new brand identity which will be implemented across all company communications, marketing materials and digital platforms.

MindGeek Introduces New 'UViU' Premium Fan Platform

MindGeek has launched UViU, a new platform that enables creators to sell content directly to their fans.

Age Verification: Unpacking a Web of Laws and Controversies

Last February, the adult industry trade group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) released a policy position paper that clearly stressed, from the get-go, a sentiment shared by virtually every single professional in the sector.

'MindGeek Has a Responsibility to Lead by Example': An Interview With Solomon Friedman, Partner at New Owner ECP

Solomon Friedman, partner and VP at Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), the Canadian private equity firm whose purchase of MindGeek was made public yesterday, gave an exclusive interview to XBIZ today.

New MindGeek Owner EPC Releases 'Road Map' Statement

After making its purchase of MindGeek public this morning, new Ottawa private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) released a statement outlining a road map for the new direction of the company.