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CB-X Announces Retail Partnership With Deja Vu, Janra

CB-X has announced a retail partnership with Janra, parent company of Deja Vu, Suzie’s Boutique, Endless Romance, The Spot Boutique and Talk of the Valley, to make a selection of CB-X chastity devices available at several retail locations.

Deja Vu Cuts Ribbon on New Suzie's Retail Outlet in Honolulu

Deja Vu Services has cut the ribbon on a new Suzie's Adult Superstore retail outlet in Honolulu.

Deja Vu Announces Acquisition of Retail Outlets, Gentlemen's Clubs

Deja Vu Services has announced the acquisition of several adult retail outlets in Southern California and Texas as well as gentlemen's clubs in Tennessee.

Deja Vu Expands With Suzies Adult Boutiques Affiliation

Continuing what the company calls its aggressive expansion strategy, Deja Vu Services, Inc., announced its new affiliation with the Suzies Adult Boutique chain.

Deja Vu Services Commends XBIZ Exec Awards Nominee Megan Swartz

Deja Vu Services is commending Megan Swartz, who was recently nominated by the 2020 XBIZ Retail Exec Awards as a WIA Woman of the Year.

Deja Vu to 'Storm Area 51' With a 'Strippermobile' Next Month

The frenzied faithful who plan to storm Area 51 next month may not find locate flying saucers filled with little green men from outer space, but they will find the Strippermobile.

Stormy Daniels, Exotic Dancers to Protest at Illinois State Capitol

2019 XBIZ Awards host and Crossover Star of the Year Stormy Daniels will join other adult entertainers for a scheduled protest Friday at the Illinois state capitol building.