Stormy Daniels, Exotic Dancers to Protest at Illinois State Capitol

Stormy Daniels, Exotic Dancers to Protest at Illinois State Capitol

SPRINGFIELD, IL — 2019 XBIZ Awards host and Crossover Star of the Year Stormy Daniels will join other adult entertainers for a scheduled protest Friday, March 22 at the Illinois state capitol building.

The protest is spearheaded by Déjà Vu Services, one of the largest operators of adult clubs in the state, and for whom Daniels is a spokesperson.

“The goal of the protest is to demonstrate against Illinois’ failed ‘sin tax’ that requires strip clubs in the state to collect $3 from each guest or pay a flat tax. The law, called the Live Adult Entertainment Facility Surcharge Act, was enacted in 2012, but many government officials have publicly regarded the law as a complete failure,” a rep said.

“Not only do many of the state’s adult clubs not even comply — leaving the lawful clubs on the hook — but its revenue goals have fallen short by nearly $600,000 annually, while the state continues to teeter on bankruptcy.”

Déjà Vu alleges the tax revenue is largely consumed the by administrative costs. “Our clubs that in the past regularly donated to many worthy causes — including COAST, the Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking — instead have had to discontinue those donations in favor of collecting, paying and tracking an unconstitutional tax that basically goes nowhere,” said Kristi Flores, a rep for Déjà Vu Services.

“Many smaller adult entertainment venues throughout the state could not afford the crippling effect of this tax,” and have been forced to close, “putting hundreds of hard-working female entertainers out of work,” she said. “Legislators who drive a state into bankruptcy are always looking for scapegoats. Strip clubs make an easy target. The irony, of course, is that taxes like these are sexist in that they put many women who choose to be adult entertainers out of work.”

Déjà Vu hopes that Daniels’ presence will train the media’s focus on this issue. “As a spokesperson, Ms. Daniels has confronted other sexist laws such as Louisiana's anti-stripper bill and has plans to confront other illegal ‘pole taxes,’ among many other issues, nationwide,” the rep said.

Déjà Vu Services operates nearly 200 venues and retail outlets in 40 states and six countries.

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In related news, Daniels recently advocated for the rights of strippers in Los Angeles Times op-ed.