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Tumblr Welcomes Back Nudity, But Not 'Sexually Explicit Acts'

Tumblr unveiled its new community guidelines today, announcing that the platform now welcomes “a broader range of expression, creativity and art” including “the naked human form.”

Google Researchers Continue Targeting Adult Content for Censorship

In a new paper, Google researchers continue to classify explicit sexual material in the same category as “fake, hateful, or harmful content” that requires filtering.

Nintendo Reportedly Now Banning Depictions of Nude Female Breasts

According to game publisher Gamuzumi, Nintendo has changed its nudity policies to prohibit “uncensored boobs” on its consoles.

Instagram Continues Refusing to Answer Questions About Pornhub Ban

A week after a group of performers and organizations, led by Pornhub, sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg and other Meta execs, decrying blatant discrimination against sex workers, Instagram has yet to respond to follow-up questions about its permanent shutdown of the adult platform’s account.

Opinion: Why the Financial Times Compared OnlyFans to Pollutants - and Why It Matters

The editorial board of the Financial Times — arguably the world’s most influential news source for the banking, investment and overall finance industries — published an editorial yesterday offering “lessons for banks from the OnlyFans affair.”