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Bias in Banking: How FSC Is Leading the Charge in Fight for Fairness

Ask most people what they remember about the 1997 film “Boogie Nights,” and they’ll probably recall Heather Graham dancing around as Rollergirl, or the infamous pool party, or Mark Wahlberg finally — spoiler alert — unveiling his prosthetic penis.

ACLU Asks FTC to Investigate Mastercard for Discrimination Against Sex Workers, Adult Sites

The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday filed a formal complaint asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Mastercard for discriminatory practices against sex workers and adult content websites.

FSC Executive Director to Present Banking Discrimination Data to Strip Club Execs

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Executive Director Alison Boden will present the trade organization’s work on banking and financial discrimination to the Association of Club Executives.

FSC Files Financial Discrimination Complaint Against Banking Service Novo

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has filed a formal complaint against fintech provider Novo, after the banking service provider rejected the organization's business account application without providing any reason for its decision.

FSC Petitions Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Over Discrimination Against Adult Industry, Workers

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has submitted an official comment to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), asking regulators to address the issue of discriminatory banking practices and their effects on adult businesses and workers.

FSC Meeting With Congress Members to Discuss Banking Discrimination Against Sex Workers, Adult Businesses

Free Speech Coalition is meeting with members of Congress this week in an effort to combat the financial discrimination faced by adult businesses.

FSC Announces 'Banking Discrimination' Panelists for Upcoming Summit

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has announced the panelists for the “Banking Discrimination” session at the upcoming FSC Summit, taking place on Jan. 12, the final day of the XBIZ LA conference.

FSC Meets With Congress Over Banking Discrimination

FSC staff this week met with key House and Senate offices in a series of meetings discussing banking discrimination against the adult industry.

GoAskAlex Talks Banking Discrimination Against Sex Workers With Xtra Magazine

GoAskAlex is featured in Canada’s Xtra Magazine in an article examining the obstacles sex workers face in regards to basic banking, money management and payment processing.

'Fight for the Future' Endorses #AcceptanceMatters Campaign

Digital rights organization Fight for the Future has endorsed the #AcceptanceMatters campaign against banking discrimination, spearheaded by LGBTQ+ sex workers in the wake of Mastercard’s new rules for online content.

Mastercard: Webmasters Express Concerns About 'Report Abuse' Forms

As the October 15 deadline set by Mastercard for compliance with its new rules for adult websites looms, “compliance packages” created with the input of merchant banks and payment processors have become a subject of concern among content creator and webmaster communities.

LGBTQ+ Sex Workers Lead #AcceptanceMatters Campaign Against Banking Discrimination

A group of national and local sex worker collectives, led by LGBTQ+ activists in the community, have launched the #AcceptanceMatters campaign “to demand an immediate pause on Mastercard's new planned adult content policies pending the creation of stakeholder advisory councils, and to protest ongoing discrimination from the banking industry.”

Sex Worker Collectives to Protest Against Banking Discrimination Tomorrow

A group of national and local sex worker collectives is planning a series of online actions and offline protests Wednesday, to “demand an immediate pause” on Mastercard's new adult content guidelines and to “protest ongoing discrimination from the banking industry.”

APAG: New Rule May End Banking Discrimination Against Performers

The Adult Performance Artists Guild (APAG) has released a statement about rule changes in the banking industry that may affect adult performers.

Zaucey Team Talks Adult Biz, Banking Discrimination

From adult entertainment to online gambling, medical marijuana, commercial cannabis and more, entrepreneurs launching controversial businesses often find themselves cut off from the traditional financial channels that they need to start and grow a successful company.