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Arizona Senator's Anti-Porn Bill Questioned by Fellow Republicans

Arizona state legislators, including several GOP members, have raised serious questions about a Republican senator’s proposal to implement mandatory age verification for adult websites in the state.

Arkansas Republican Succeeds in Mandating Age Verification for All Major Platforms

The Arkansas legislature gave final legislative approval yesterday to a Republican senator's bill mandating that a number of major open social media platforms — including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat — implement age verification starting Sept. 1.

Hong Kong Performer Erena So's Japanese AV Debut Hailed as Groundbreaking

Erena So’s debut in Japan is being hailed across Asia as a groundbreaking phenomenon for Chinese performers unapologetically promoting their sex content in the region’s premier adult video market.

Digital Rights, Adult Industry Groups Warn About 'Porn Passport' State Laws

Digital rights and adult industry groups are sounding the alarm about the recent onslaught of “porn passport” state laws promoted by anti-porn groups and politicians, mandating various forms of age verification.

France Aims to Expand Age Verification to Social Media Platforms

The Culture Committee of France’s National Assembly voted last week to expand age verification requirements already mandated for adult content to include several popular mainstream social media platforms.

The Guardian Probes Religious Motivation of Republican Anti-Sex Bills

The Guardian published a report today probing the religious motivations behind the current Republican effort to put forth “anti-porn bills” at the state level across the U.S.

Right Wing Media Amplifies Nationwide Push for Age Verification

Several publications within the right-wing media ecosystem amplified, during the last news cycle, the current Republican push for age verification on websites displaying adult content.

Republican Admits Ultimate Goal of Arkansas Age Verification Bill is Federal Law

A Republican state senator in Arkansas who introduced a bill last month requiring age verification before “entering a website offering pornography” admitted that his state initiative is only a stepping stone toward the ultimate goal of a federal mandate.

France to Require Government Certificate to View Adult Content Online

France’s Minister for Digital Affairs confirmed yesterday that a government-issued “digital certificate” certifying the person’s age will be necessary to view all adult content on line starting in September.

Utah Republicans Continue Introducing Controversial Age Verification Bills

Republican state legislators in Utah have introduced two controversial age verification bills that could have nationwide ramifications.

Mississippi Republican Introduces Copycat Age Verification Bill

A Republican state senator in Mississippi has introduced a copycat bill patterned after the Louisiana state law that mandates age verification for websites featuring pornographic content.

Republicans Introduce 'Age Verification' Bill in Arkansas

Two Republican state senators in Arkansas introduced a bill this week requiring age verification before “entering a website offering pornography.”

Louisianans Forced to Enter Government ID to Look at Porn Online

People in Louisiana who wish to visit adult websites are now required to enter their government ID, following the implementation of a controversial new state law promoted by a religious activist and Republican legislator, which came into effect Sunday.

Japan Moves Forward With Regulation of Porn Without Input From Adult Industry

A controversial bill that will effectively change the way adult content is produced in Japan, and which has sparked protest among the Japanese adult video community, passed the Japanese Lower House today on its way to being signed into law.

French Regulator Continues Threatening Tube Sites, Refuses to Provide Guidance on Age Verification

The French government's media regulation agency has said it is currently analyzing the responses of five operators of adult tube sites who were ordered to implement age verification systems, under threat of being completely blocked in the country, after the deadline to comply passed last week.

UK Parliamentary Committee Endorses Restrictive 'Online Safety' Bill

A U.K. parliamentary committee published earlier this week a report on the draft of a restrictive Online Safety Bill being actively promoted by Boris Johnson’s government, several Labor MPs and virtually all the U.K. press.

French Regulator Threatens to Block Top 5 Tube Sites Over Age Verification

Top adult tube sites in France were summoned Monday by the country’s Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, a regulatory government body similar to the American FCC, and ordered to “prevent minors from accessing their content before the end of the year” under penalty of being deplatformed by internet service providers.

French Press Uncover Government Plan to Mandate Age Verification

Anonymous sources have leaked the alleged plans of France’s Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, a regulatory government body similar to the American FCC, to compel adult sites “before the end of the year” to immediately implement a form of age verification under penalty of being deplatformed by internet service providers.

FanCentro Implements Yoti AV System to Comply With German Law

FanCentro has announced it has implemented age verification (AV) technology from Yoti in Germany in order to comply with local laws.

VerifyMyAge Offers AV Solution to French Adult Market

VerifyMyAge (VMA) has announced an age verification solution for the French market following the recent announcement by the Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (CSA) demanding that all French adult sites immediately implement age verification.