The first thing that grabbed my attention was the Daisy’s packaging. I thought to myself… “Is that a water bottle?” Daisy’s packaging is the shape of a water bottle because that part is essential for the Daisy to work as a douche. That really makes this device extra discreet. The cute little blue nozzle is easy to store anywhere and whenever you need to clean up, all you need is a water bottle. The nozzle has a cap that keeps it clean during storage. Daisy worked great for me — it was comfortable and easy to use.

Product Description:

The beautiful blue colored Daisy is made of ABS plastic and features small streamlined blister packaging, perfect for easy merchandising and quick checkout. The one piece design fits the most common universal threading which includes all Coca-Cola, and Pepsi water products amongst thousands more. The Daisy will modernize and simplify the way people have cleaned in the past,.and leave them fresh as a daisy.
Erin Stone