Lure Prolong Plus

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Lure Prolong Plus

Two cotton swabs come in a nicely folded box with a description on the performance enhancing. It was easy to apply, and the effects were noticeable rather quickly. I wouldn’t say my hubby was sent into a carnal sex rage with the pheromones, but I did notice his excitement was through the roof! We would definitely use this product again.

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Product Description:

Prolong Plus is an all-natural herbal formula designed for superior male enhancement. Our proprietary blend contains no lidocaine or benzocaine and has zero numbing effects, unlike many products on the market today. Prolong Plus also delivers the added benefit of pheromones, known for it's power of attraction by bringing out the animal instinct in both you and your partner. Directions: Apply a small pea-sized amount of gel directly onto your sensitive pleasure areas. Apply evenly to entire area. Allow 50 minutes after application to achieve desired effect.
Chelston and Tracy-Lynn