Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash

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Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash

Are you someone who always has a sweet tooth no matter where you are or what the situation? Want to add a little flavor and fun to the bedroom? Grab some Sex Tarts in delicious watermelon and get to licking, playing and licking. This tangy kissable pleasure gel is sure to turn any body part into an even more delicious treat than it already is. The flavor is so delicious that you will not want to stop licking each other. Pick up more flavors for added fun and experimenting.

Manufacturer Description:

Just like good sex, ultra-yummy Sex Tarts edible lube is sweet and sassy! One taste of the lip-smackin", super tangy fruit flavor and you"ll never wanna stop lickin", slippin", and slidin" your way to mouth-watering ecstasy! This water-based formula is nontoxic, non-staining, and totally latex-friendly. Pucker up with all of the different flavors!

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