Full Disclosure

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Full Disclosure

Product Description:

The Strip, Truth or Dare game for Lovers. Want to have a sexy night you’ll never forget?  With “Full Disclosure” you’ll not only disclose all your naughty little secrets, you’ll also learn all about your lover’s kinks, desires and fantasies- all while getting stripped down in the buff.  Our naughty spin on the classic truth or dare game features 120 enticing truth and dare activities and a whole lot of naughty extras. Do you dare to play?
Contents: 1 Instruction Card, 1 Activity Spinner, 60 Playing Cards (with 120 Truth and Dare Activities) and 1 Bonus Sex Card.
Lovers must prepared for anything in order to take full advantage of the activity cards. Which makes this game a great retail seller for offering add on items such as, flavored body toppings, massage oils, lubricants, and arousing objects. Tools for both pleasure and excitement.