Vive Enoki

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Vive Enoki

This is an interesting-looking massager that packs a powerful punch!

The Vive Enoki by Shots America is a mushroom-shaped vibe with a smooth and silky silicone textured top that feels amazing with each massage. I really enjoyed the various vibrations and the feeling of ultimate pleasure from each stroke. This Vive Enoki is USB rechargeable, so no batteries are needed.

Product Description:

The Enoki is created out of high-grade, anti-dust silicone. Its glamour derives from the beautifully shaped ABS and the technology is far ahead of its time. Because of its size and the fact that it's waterproof you can use it in the bathroom or take it out on a trip. One of the unique features is the climax function, which will give you an amazing boost taking you into ecstatic atmospheres! With the Enoki you will feel absolutely special!
Tamara Payton Bell