Joanna Angel Collar

Joanna Angel Collar

Need to make a statement during a bedroom scene? This beauty is just the thing! I love how versatile this collar is. It has three D-rings on it so it can be used with a leash on a ring or my favorite, it can be paired with wrist cuffs for ultimate restraint. My sub was in love and awe at the same time, she didn’t know what was coming next! I put a small pink padlock on her buckle and it went well with the color scheme of the collar. The high-quality leather mixed with the comfort of the inside makes this the ideal collar for my girlfriend and I.

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Product Description:

Nothing says "You're mine" like a collar, and this gorgeous leather collar with a locking buckle and three D-rings says it loud and proud!

Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Line, this collar is designed and assembled in The Stockroom's Los Angeles workshop, and comes in a specially selected color palate that evokes Joanna Angel's black mane with her signature streak of vibrant punk-pink.

The locking buckle can be used with our without a padlock for extra security, while the three D-rings offer multiple attachment opportunities. Connect a leash and lead your partner wherever you like, or use a connector to secure matching wrist and ankle cuffs to lock them in position. The possibilities are almost endless!

Darwin Gilliam