Studies: Adult Entertainment Gains Popularity in Europe

BERLIN — Across Europe, more and more couples are augmenting their sex lives with adult entertainment.

German and English researchers who gathered data from an online poll of about 55,000 Germans concluded that one-third of men and almost one in 10 women watch porn every day.

But researcher Rolf Gindorf said that general interest in adult content runs at even higher rates.

"Pornography, in the sense of the description and depiction of sexual activities, is something of interest to every man and woman whether he or she visits [porn sites]," he said Rolf Gindorf. "Our study showed that 98 per cent of men and 90 per cent of women admit to an interest in pornography."

This marked interest in adult is also found in Denmark, where the popularity of a local TV station's steamy late-night fare suggests a growing intrerest in adult.

Denmark's Kanal Kobenhavn runs a late-night adult program, and a recent poll conducted by European telecom company TSN Gallup showed that 66,000 women between the ages of 21 and 50 tune into the adult program at least once a month.

In addition, a major Danish adult retailer said that women compose more and more of its business base. Also, Danish psychologist Gert Martin Hald ran a study last year showing that 50 percent of Danish women had watched an adult movie in the last month.

Hald's survey sampled only 372 women, and he didn't offer a margin of error, though he did say that adult entertainment was getting more popular in the bedroom.

"It also appears from the study that women are more likely than men to want to use a porn movie when they're with their partners," said Hald.