AWE Implements Direct Debit

CYBERSPACE — Industry leader and live cam affiliate program Adult Webmaster Empire has announced they are live with the European Direct Debit billing platform.

Monitoring global trends and following the continued strength of the euro and British pound against the U.S. dollar, AWE believes this will continue to be an ongoing industry flashpoint and chose to be ahead of the curve. AWE now bills using the Direct Debit purchase option for Spain, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom for the up to 75 percent of users who will not use a credit card online, and soon the ‘direct pay’ push payment method for the remaining EU countries still requiring a physical signature — which, while it is not the same as direct debit, still works for a compelling site or goods — no card of any kind required.

“AWE liked our flexible platform, our ability to address their sales options, and our marketing tools typically only associated with credit cards; especially our one-click purchase option,” related Webbilling JoeD. “During the implementation and optimization phases, the AWE team has demonstrated their dedication to further refining their products.”

Adult Webmaster Empire, with its solid reputation for performance recognizes the importance not only of utilizing every conceivable option and resource to convert existing traffic, but the ability now to encourage webmasters with European cam traffic to send even more. “Existing affiliates can rest easy, knowing we take all measures necessary to ensure their European traffic converts well with us, and webmasters not yet working with AWE now have an additional reason to give us an opportunity to convert their EU traffic,” stated Mickey Bojcsik, Director of Program Operations for AWE. “Webbilling and our billing department do an outstanding job at working together closely! to ensure the new primary preferred billing method is properly optimized.”

Adult Webmaster Empire entered the market six years ago with its flagship site, LiveJasmin, and just a handful of staff. The company now employs 150-plus people and has since become one of the market leaders in the live cam sector. AWE now offers eight live cam products covering many popular niches, in addition to co-brands, white labels, lifetime revenue sharing and has sponsored the popular awesome Sunday Beach Party at Island Gathering for three years running.

Mickey Bojcsik can be reached at , and the affiliate program is located at For more information on the Direct Debit platform for Europe, contact JoeD at