Earl Miller Partners Exclusively With GameLink.com for VOD, Online Store

SAN FRANCISCO — Penthouse photographer and adult filmmaker Earl Miller announced today that he has partnered with adult video-on-demand company GameLink.com to be the exclusive VOD provider of his work.

Miller’s DVD products also are available exclusively at GameLink’s online store.

GameLink.com also will operate the official online store for Miller’s website EarlMiller.com . All of Miller’s movies can now be streamed at GameLink.com, purchased as DVDs or downloaded in download-to-own format.

According to GameLink’s business development director Jeff Dillon, the deal to get Miller’s content on GameLink began when Kevin Blatt, who has been friends with Miller for years, approached him.

“[Blatt] put me in touch with the legend and from there we just struck up a great relationship,” Dillon told XBIZ. “Miller was very interested in how he could monetize his content. He’s always been a print man and he didn’t know how to get his content out and that’s where we approached him. From there he was really grateful for the advice we gave him.”

Miller told XBIZ that he was eager to work with GameLink because the company was eager to display his work in the context he wanted it shown.

“I liked those guys. I liked the way they were excited about my DVDs,” Miller said. “There’s just a chemistry and an excitement with the folks at GameLink about who I am and what I’ve meant to this business. That meant a lot to me because I’m not just another porno maker. I have a long career of being one of the leaders in doing this.”

Miller worked directly with GameLink.com to create a branded store on their website that matches his official website.

GameLink.com also delivered merchandising within the store to spotlight and focus on Earl's movies, including his latest release "Earl's Naughty Girls No. 2."

Miller said that one thing that really appealed to him was the ability to offer his content on different distribution platforms.

“GameLink is one of the leaders in online VOD and they also offer my DVDs with the box and all,” he said. “That was one of the biggest appeals, reaching consumers who want to have an actual DVDs.”

Dillon said that he’s long been a fan of Miller’s work and that bringing it online, for people who may not have had a chance to see it otherwise, was a great feeling.

“I’ve grown up with Earl Miller’s work in magazines,” Dillon said. “Before I ever knew his name I was looking at his work in Penthouse. For me, helping the next generation see his content was one of the driving factors in the partnership.”

GameLink also has published a long-form interview with Miller that features behind-the-scenes pictures that are typically available only to member’s of Miller’s website.

“Aside from Gamelink’s obvious top notch professionalism, what really blows me away about them is how they totally understand what I am about, and therefore present me as an artist whose work celebrates the joy of sex,” Miller said. “It’s what I do on EarlMiller.com and now in my new line of DVDs. I know I am in good hands with them bringing my DVDs and VOD to the world.”

For more information, call Jeff Dillon at (415) 865-5143 or email jeff@gamelink.com