ConSluts Party Mixes Adult Products, Mainstream Audience at Dragon Con

ATLANTA —, an online community for science fiction, gaming, and comic convention enthusiasts, will be throwing an adults-only party Aug. 29 at this year’s Dragon Con . was launched late last year as a venue that adult companies can use to expose their products to adults in the fan convention subculture. The planned party will reflect the theme of, with adult-themed contests and prizes for a multimedia pop culture convention audience.

The contests will include the “Exotic, Erotic Banana Eating Contest,” “Right in the Kisser” and “Private Dancer,” where ladies will have a chance to perform a tease-style dance behind an illuminated curtain. Prizes for the contests and goodie-bags for partygoers are being sponsored by Pink Visual, Internet video-on-demand provider Yappo, Adam & Eve and

"The ConSluts party is a unique way to introduce our product to a targeted mainstream audience," said Kate Sylvan, marketing and PR coordinator for Pink Visual.

The prizes and gifts donated for this year’s party will total over $3,000.

“This year everybody is going to leave with something from our sponsors,” said Scott McGowan, editor of and organizer of the party. “They donated quite a bit of stuff, so we’ll have a little something for everyone as they leave.”

McGowan said the reason he started the Con Sluts party is that he wanted to see something specifically targeted to adults at the conventions.

“At all the conventions that I’ve gone to in the past 12 years, I’ve noticed that during the daytime things are calm and family friendly, but once the kids have gone to bed it turns into a big party,” McGowan said. “People come to meet people and play — whether sexual or otherwise — so we wanted to put something together that really catered to just adults.”

Dragon Con will be hosted at Atlanta’s Hyatt Regency, and is expected to draw more than 30,000 people. Dragon Con is run by about 850 volunteers and, according to McGowan, the adult industry is one that can do very well at Dragon Con and other conventions like it.

Tera Patrick and husband Evan Seinfeld appeared at last year’s Comic-Con International convention to promote “Saint’s Row 2,” a game Patrick was named a “special producer” for.

“What most people don’t understand about the proverbial modern geek is that we have just as much of an interest in adult products as anyone else,” McGowan said. “One only has to spend a couple of hours witnessing the debauchery that occurs during the evening hours at such conventions to understand this.”

This year’s ConSluts party is invite-only and will be held in a private suite at the Hyatt Regency. The party features the theme of a co-ed locker room, with guests invited to “let their imaginations run wild as it pertains to attire.”

The party is expected to draw 300-400 people throughout the night, despite having occupancy for only 150 at once.

Last year’s party drew stars from the sci-fi movie and television world, including Aaron Douglas from TV show “Battlestar Gallactica,” Paul McGillion from the movie “Stargate: Atlantis” and Alexis Cruz from TV show “Stargate SG-1.”

Companies interested in ConSluts can email .