Naked Rhino, Too Much Media Settle Lawsuit

TRENTON, N.J. — The parties in NR Media Inc. v. Too Much Media LLC have settled a lawsuit that dates back to 2006, and today issued a court ordered joint press release that exonerates either company of any wrongdoing.

"NR Media Inc. and Naked Rhino Media LLC, No Rivals LLC and Too Much Media LLC are pleased to announce that they have resolved their litigation pending in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey," the press release reads. "After substantial investigation by qualified experts at considerable expense to all parties, it has been determined that there was no wrongdoing on the part of any party to this litigation. NR Media Inc. and Naked Rhino Media LLC, No Rivals LLC and Too Much Media LLC regret any inconvenience caused to any other party."

The parties also agreed that no public comments other than the joint announcement would be made at this time.

The lawsuit dates back to August 2006, when Naked Rhino sued Too Much Media in federal court, alleging breach of contract and defamation stemming from an Aug. 10 incident involving the termination of Naked Rhino’s NATS account and an allegedly damaging post on adult entertainment industry bulletin board The complaint sought damages of $5 million plus fees.

Too Much Media countered with its own lawsuit less than a week later, alleging in a six page complaint that Naked Rhino had used Too Much Media's NATS software program as an “instrument of fraud," and asking the court to decide upon “any further relief as the court deems equitable and in the interest of justice.”

According to public court documents obtained by XBIZ, the parties settled their major differences in early July, but delayed a final resolution while the sides argued over an issue involving a related posting by a third party individual to the GFY board that Too Much Media also regarded as defamatory. At stake was whether Too Much Media would be free to file a lawsuit against the third party without violating non-disclosure provisions of the agreement with Naked Rhino.

Calls to attorneys regarding the final disposition of the last dispute had not been returned by press time.