Lawrence Walters New FALA President

ORLANDO, Fla. — Noted First Amendment attorney Lawrence Walters has been named President of the respected First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA).

Walters, who will remain president until August, 2009, is a partner with the national firm of Weston, Garrou, Walters & Mooney.

Walters succeeds Gary S. Edinger, Esq., who presided over the group from 2007-08.

"I hope to raise the public profile of the group by increasing its visibility both online and in the traditional media," Walters said. "FALA has done such great work over the years in opposing government censorship, but it is rarely recognized as a group for its efforts."

The First Amendment Lawyers Association has existed since the 1960's, and its members are responsible for most of the developments in First Amendment law in the last several decades. The group now boasts over 180 members, including prominent attorneys in almost every state.

According to Walters, FALA often serves as amicus curia ("friend of the court") and has submitted briefs in support of First Amendment issues in numerous Supreme Court cases.

Membership in the Association is restricted to attorneys who devote a substantial amount of their practice to representing First Amendment interests, and who must be sponsored by an existing member.

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