Jimi Hendrix Estate Refuses Vivid Challenge

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment's $100,000 challenge to the estate of rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix — to prove that footage released in Vivid's “Jimi Hendrix the Sex Tape” is not Hendrix — has gone unanswered.

Vivid made the offer after Experience Hendrix — the company owned by Hendrix’ heirs — publicly questioned the validity of the footage.

"In early May we made a good faith offer through our attorneys to pay $100,000 to Experience Hendrix if it could offer proof within 60 days that our tape was not authentic," Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch said. "We always knew it was real and were confident that the Hendrix heirs would be unable to substantiate their claims."

Before the disc was released, the footage had been validated by veteran groupie Pamela Des Barres and artist Cynthia Plaster Caster, who had made a mold of Hendrix' penis in 1968.

A representative for the Hendrix estate told XBIZ they had no comment.