Woodman Entertainment Signs with Pacific Coast

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pierre Woodman’s Woodman Entertainment has signed an exclusive DVD distribution deal with Pacific Coast after ending its arrangement with Ninn Worx_SR earlier this year.

“Pierre Woodman and I go way back,” Pacific Coast Vice President Craig Jelin said. "I was privileged to work with him on best seller series like Hustler XXX and Hustler Platinum when I was director of sales for Hustler Video. And then we reunited when I was at Pure Play and he was directing the ‘Sex City’ trilogy for Private. Suffice it to say, I am beyond thrilled to have him back in the fold.”

An acclaimed director, Woodman has been directing for 15 years starting as an erotic photographer then moving on to directing for Private where he helmed big-budget features including “Gigolo,” “The Pyramid,” and “Riviera.”

After Private Woodman spent some time directing for Hustler before forming his own imprint in 2006. Woodman Entertainment is known for its glossy features and hardcore gonzo series.

"I was looking for a distributor that cares as much about the quality of the product and the welfare of my company as I do," said Woodman. "And because Craig Jelin is an old friend in whom I trust, I just felt the most comfortable with Pacific Coast. I think the future is really bright for this company and I'm excited to be along for the ride."

Pacific Coast also distributes XCartel, Spitfire, No Limits, Pandemonium and Bouncy Pictures.

For more information, contact Jelin at (818) 407-0696, or email craig@pcoastinc.com.