Vibrating ‘Popsicle’ Hits Novelty Market

Ericka Jensen

CINCINNATI — Rad Novelties LLC has announced the launch of the Icegasm Kit. The novelty item is touted as the world’s first vibrating ice massager.

Ross Webster and business partner Donovan Schlunt founded Rad Novelties last year. The pair were inspired by the movie “9½ Weeks” where actress Kim Basinger is rubbed down with an ice cube.

The flagship product for the company features a four-barrel ice mold, four Ice Vibe lids and a custom vibrating handle. Consumers can add two ounces of any freezable liquid to the molds to enjoy an unlimited option of color and flavor combinations.

“My partner and I were talking about how women only love vibrating toys and what was missing from the novelty market was a frozen vibrating toy,” Webster told XBIZ.

“We recognized the novelty industry’s need for something new and this is a completely unique and original product. The response we’ve received has been nothing but positive,” said Webster, whose background is in the culinary arts.

The Icegasm Kit is the company’s first novelty release.