Too Much Media Beta Tests NATS v4

FREEHOLD, N.J. — Affiliate tracking software developer Too Much Media has announced that is the first affiliate program to beta test its new NATS v4 program.

“Teen Dolls is a small affiliate program owned and operated by myself and often used for a testbed for new NATS features and concepts,” Too Much Media’s John Albright said.

“We have elected to beta NATS v4 on Teen Dolls for one to two weeks prior to any client betas in order to allow any initial undetected bugs and issues to be worked out as much as possible.”

Albright said that after that period of time, the company would move to phase two testing with selected clients, who will be announced publicly when they upgrade to the v4 test.

According to Albright, the major change for webmasters will be in the “Standard NATS” template, which will give affiliates a more detailed interface resulting in increased traffic analysis.

The NATS v4 is a “ground up rewrite of the source code and database structure of NATS,” Albright added. Details of the new software will be released in the following weeks, as beta testing is conducted.

Webmasters are encouraged to create an affiliate account on, in order to try out features of the new version. Any issues may be reported via the “support” tab in the site’s affiliate area.

“We have worked long and hard on this new version of NATS and we are all very excited about it and all that it brings to the affiliate and site owner communities,” Albright said. “Please feel free to contact us with any questions at all.”

Too Much Media can be contacted via email or at (732) 385-1536.