Signs Exclusive Tyler Peter

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — has announced the signing of its latest exclusive, Tyler Peter.

The 25-year-old newcomer hails from the Midwest, but grew up in Wyoming (“It was real ‘Brokeback Mountain’ type of thing,” he said) and was searching for gay porn online when he came across the CockyBoys website.

“I was sick of the same old [gay] sites where everyone’s ‘straight,’ and everyone is only doing it for money or everyone is a porn star,” Peter said. “I was seeing CockyBoys advertising everywhere, so I checked them out. They had such a slick and unique site, and they obviously had the hottest guys, so I contacted them.”

A week later, Peter was flown to L.A. to meet with CockyBoys.

"The video he made and the photos he took indicated that we had just discovered a star," founder Kyle Majors said. “Once I met him in person, I was convinced.”

A longtime porn fan, Peter always wanted to be a performer.

“We've been filming Tyler in action over the last few weeks, and the footage is mindblowing,” Majors said. “The meeting could not have been more serendipitous, nor the results more exciting for gay porn lovers. Once fans see him in action, they’ll understand.”

“I like doing porn,” Peter said, “and I’d do it even if I weren’t getting paid. I can see myself doing it when I’m 40.”

“Tyler has a natural understanding of the art of pornography," Majors said. “He performs unabashedly and with complete concentration on enjoying the other actor. He's not afraid to be sexual with the other guy, intimately and personally. The camera is there to capture the moments, but it's not a distraction in any way. The camera helps Tyler get off.”

"I like getting fucked on camera,” Peter said. "I think it's bold and in your face.

“I took the slow path getting into porn,” he said. “I kind of fell into it, but I've never had so much fun. I’m so glad that I’m a part of a fresh site with a different approach like CockyBoys, because they’re hot right now. I want to be working with them for a long time.”

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