Private Announces 3 Blockbusters for 2008

BARCELONA — Private Media Group has announced its blockbuster title releases for 2008. The first video, “Downward Spiral” will release in June.

“We have a great reputation for shooting big-budget blockbuster titles, and this year we have a very strong lineup of releases that are surefire sales successes,” Private Marketing Director Giles Hirst said.

“Downward Spiral” is directed by Andrew Youngman and Frank Major, and stars Cayenne, Bambi, Eve Angel, Vica Ryder, Sophie Moon and Simony Diamond, among others.

Hirst describes the plot of the film as a story about a stewardess who inadvertently becomes involved in a dark sexual underworld, leading to a life of depravity.

The movie has a dedicated website where users can view the trailer and get information.

In September, Private will release “The Sexth Element” based on the mainstream science fiction thriller “The Fifth Element.” The project is helmed by directorial team MILK, special effects gurus of Private’s “Porn Wars” and “X Girls,” who use “Matrix” like visuals for “bullet-time” photography of cumshots.

“Billionaire,” which is a sequel to Private’s “Millionaire,” will be released in October. Directed by Alessandro del Mar, the period piece is set in the 17th century.

Another as-yet untitled blockbuster will also be released in December, according to Hirst.

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