COLT Studio Renews Contract with Adam Champ and Carlo Masi

SAN FRANCISCO — Gay production company COLT Studio Group (CSG) announced the renewal of a multiyear partnership with COLT Men Carlo Masi and Adam Champ .

In January, Masi and Champ sent out a press release stating that they had decided against renewing their contracts with CSG — three months later, the couple has decided to renew. Masi and Champ will continue their partnered COLT fan websites along with a multiscene, multiyear contract in front of the COLT cameras.

“The COLT name is synonymous with producing the highest quality products with the world’s most iconic men,” COLT President John Rutherford said. “Carlo and Adam most certainly fit the bill, so to speak. They will continue to be a part of a long line of COLT Men.”

Masi has been with COLT since his first feature, “Big N’ Plenty” in 2004, where he appeared in a scene with COLT star Karim. In this new arrangement, Masi has been christened “COLT Man Emeritus” for his long history and large body of work, along with his continued contribution to the COLT brand.

Masi has appeared in additional COLT films “Wide Strokes,” “Muscle Up!,” “Man Country,” “DUAL: Taking it Like a Man,” “eXposed: The Making of a Legend Director’s Cut” and “COLT Minute Man Series 23.”

Champ’s first appearance was with fellow COLT Man Chris Wide in the 2007 COLT feature “Naked Muscles: The New Breed.” He performs with COLT Man Mitch Branson in the new COLT feature entitled “Massive,” which is due out in May.

Champ’s additional COLT titles include “Couples III” and “COLT Minute Man Solo Series, BUILT.”

Champ and Masi met on the set of Kristofer Weston’s “Naked Muscles: The New Breed” in September 2006, where they had a scene together. They have been a couple ever since.

Both models have performed in “Waterbucks 2,” “Naked Muscles: The New Breed” and “HAWAI’I,” and are featured in the COLT 40 Collector’s Book and various COLT calendars, magazines, note cards and playing cards.

Masi and Champ will also have Genuine-Cast Supercocks molded from their erect penises that are due out later this year.

“COLT has become the four-letter word for quality,” Rutherford said, “and we’re very proud to have Carlo and Adam continue on with us into the future.”

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