Independent Adult Cinema Presents 'Bullets & Burlesque'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Independent Adult Cinema (IAC), the avant-garde film line from Adam & Eve Pictures, has released a new video, “Bullets & Burlesque."

Starring Sasha Grey, “Bullets & Burlesque” is the story of notorious pimp Stagger Lee. Set in St. Louis in 1895, this sensuously sordid story is based on the true story of the legendary cab driver/pimp and his legion of ladies.

At Stagger’s notorious burlesque nightclub, the sexy performers raise their profiles — and customer interest — with unique talents and insatiable appetites. Stagger likes to test out the merchandise behind the scenes, but one fateful liaison with his best friend’s wife spells out his doom.

Director Benny Profane combines the past with the present in a timeless tale that is as poignant today it was then. With an original soundtrack and the participation of performers Marie Luv, Haley Young, Page Morgan, Satine Phoenix, Caroline Pierce, Tyler Knight, Zack Sabbath and Marcos Leon, “Bullets & Burlesque” is IAC’s offering for XXX fans' most discriminating tastes.

“IAC is the future of adult entertainment," said Peter Reynolds, vice president of sales and marketing for Adam & Eve Pictures. "We are pleased to present only the most creative directors and innovative storylines for audiences who have come to expect the best. IAC pushes the boundaries of adult — and ‘Bullets & Burlesque’ is no exception.”

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