Sex Furniture Maker Bonkum Finds New Media Opps

LOS ANGELES — Sex furniture manufacturer Bonk Designs' Bonk'er has made several on-screen appearances, including an educational documentary, mainstream film and TV series.

Bonk Designs CEO Jordan Dawes told XBIZ that people are becoming more and more aware of the brand every day, and the range of instructional and adult videos, documentaries and features that his product has been featured is vast.

"There have been so many," Dawes said. "We are proud to be a part of creating a better world."

Among the Bonk'er's appearances is a feature in "Sexability," a one-hour documentary that follows the lives of several men and women with disabilities and how they enjoy healthy sex lives. The Bonkum is used by a woman stricken with MS and her husband.

"It really shows how important sex is and if the Bonk'er helps these people have sex or have better sex it really is doing a great service," Dawes said. "The Bonk'er not only makes their sex more enjoyable but also easier on Donna's MS-ravaged body."

"SexAbility" will air first on SBS in Australia and then will be available for other networks around the world, including Starz and HBO in the U.S. Dawes said the documentary also will be used as a teaching tool in universities and nonprofit groups working in the area of disabled sexuality.

The new Playboy series, "The Boy Next Door," also features the Bonk'er in a scene shot in an adult video store, where, after one of the main characters purchases it, two women enjoy the product together.

"The Boy Next Door" will debut in March and the Bonk'er is featured in the 10th episode, 10 weeks after its first episode airs.

The Bonk'er also was featured in a straight-to-video bank-robbery thriller called "Dead Heist" and in one of the Alexander Institute's newest educational films, "101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers Vol. 2."

"All I can say is people are becoming more and more aware of the brand and the products day after day, and sales and sexual enjoyment is always increasing," Dawes said.

Dawes will be showing his Bonkum designs at the Love LA sensuality show Jan. 27. For more information, visit