U.K.’s SexQube Launches Affiliate Program

LONDON — SexQube.TV on Tuesday cut the ribbon on the first of several affiliate programs it intends to roll out.

The company, which launched in September as a unit of Petel Inc., has been building its infrastructure for SexQube.TV's video-on-demand movies after showing its wares at the Adults Only show in Birmingham, England, in October.

With Tuesday’s announcement, SexQube is offering affiliates that join before Feb. 29 a sliding 30 percent to 40 percent revshare program on VOD sales for the first six months.

"The affiliate program is giving video-on-demand sales a real boost and is a welcome addition to the arsenal of marketing tools at our disposal," Petel COO Phil Evans told XBIZ. "This will give a significant increase in revenue to both SexQube.TV, our content suppliers and affiliate partners.

"We anticipate that the program will increase projected revenue by some 20 percent in the short term," he said. "This is a major step forward for SexQube.TV and for the Petel broadband TV platform."

SexQube.TV provides its channel editors the ability to schedule content as per a standard TV channel, including full management of advertising breaks and country specific geo-targeted content.

The site also features an extensive pay-per-view VOD library and instant "tele-shopping" function, where users can make purchases by browsing, or using the “pink button” instant purchasing feature.

Some of the programs include “The Sex Shop Show,” “Sex Doctor" and the “Raymond Review Bar,” which explores adult cabarets.