ODBN Debuts In-Store Kiosks With Topco's 'My First' Line

LOS ANGELES — Digital advertising network ODBN Inc. has introduced its in-store kiosks, the first network between retailers, distributors, manufacturers and consumers.

ODBN founder Steve Fecske told XBIZ that the kiosk not only acts as an advertising tool, but also provides detailed information about each product in stock, allowing the customer to make informed decisions without the need of a store clerk. A customer scans the item's barcode at the kiosk to view product information.

"We have been doing a 'My First' branded kiosk with [novelty manufacturer] Topco [Sales] and the result has been great, including a substantive increase in the rate of their products' sell through," Fecske said.

Fecske also said that some products that never sold before are being snatched up by customers using the kiosk.

Desiree Duffie, Topco director of marketing and public relations, told XBIZ that the company loves the kiosks for their unique way to market specific brands, and she's very pleased with the beta-test, which lasted during October and November.

"We really thought that the kiosks allowed people who might be new to the world to the world of sex toys get info and learn about the products — especially if they're shy, timid or don't know the questions to ask," Duffie said.

Fecske said the most unique part of using the kiosk is it enables the manufacturer, retailer and distributor see sales and viewing statistics, which are logged by the kiosk and posted online.

"The manufacturer and retailer can see what products are of most interest in and around the kiosk by the shoppers using the kiosk for information," Fecske said. "It really is powerful.

Fecske said the company is getting ready to place kiosks in stores for Bang Bros, 3rd Degree, Zero Tolerance and O'My.

Duffie said that Topco is looking over the results of its testing phase and is strategizing for next year, and that the company definitely will be working more with ODBN.

The interface for Topco's "My First" kiosk can be viewed at AllStoreKiosk.com.

Adult store kiosk log reports can be viewed by individual manufacturers using a special password at AdultStoreChannel.com.