Kevin Blatt Plans Tell-All Hollywood Sex Tape Book

LOS ANGELES — Adult industry veteran Kevin Blatt is planning a tell-all book explaining the underground world of celebrity sex tapes.

Blatt, who currently is Gamelink’s public relations director, told XBIZ that he sent query letters to a series of publishers a year ago and received no bites until the day it was printed in the New York Post by Page Six columnist Cindy Adams, who announced Blatt's plan.

Blatt said that he had no idea that Adams, or anyone else for that matter, knew about the book proposal, but that if he had, he would have taken full advantage of it.

"I sent that proposal to four people a year ago," Blatt said. "One was a publisher, [but I] hadn't heard back from anyone. Then out of the blue my proposal gets on Page Six and I had no idea how it got leaked."

Blatt said that he now is waiting to hear from his literary agent, Bill Gladstone, to find out if a book deal has been finalized. He said that one publisher, whom he could not disclose, is very interested.

The book, reportedly titled "Hollywood Sex Tape," is meant to show readers the inner workings of celebrity sex tapes — from conception to lawsuit to DVD — and help them form their own opinions and ideas.

"I think this book will raise eyebrows, scare a few celebrities and maybe it will solicit even more celebrities to come over to the dark side once they see what kind of paycheck they can get," Blatt said.

Blatt said he will focus on what went on behind the scenes involving the sex tapes of Pamela Anderson's and Tommy Lee's ("The Casablanca of celeb tapes," he commented) Rob Lowe's, Bob Crane's, Cameron Diaz's, Colin Farrell's, Dustin "Screech" Diamond's, Paris Hilton's and others.

"Some of it will involve the media's manipulation of the stories, the crisis managers who pop up when this kind of PR nightmare arises, my life in the biz, the Internet and how it works, the people who make a fortune off of the tapes fraudulently and of course the real stories behind all of the tapes and the marketing ploys involved," Blatt said.

Blatt said he hopes to satiate the public's incessant hunger to see celebrities doing bad things and acting like real human beings. He also said he plans to work with a co-writer who has yet to be revealed.