Jollies Releases First Item in Jack Key Line

PHOENIX – Ergonomic silicone sex toy manufacturer Jollies Pleasure Toys has released the Bandito, the first item in its new Jack Key line of multiuse sex toys.

Jollies CEO Luze Chavez told XBIZ that the Jack Key toys are designed to be enjoyed alone or with a partner. The Bandito features a loop at one end made to be worn as a cock ring and the dildo end to be placed either in the anus of the user or the anus or vagina of his partner.

"Our artistic director has quite a line of Jack Key toys," Chavez said. "The reviews are great."

Chavez said the design of the Jack Key line is meant to be simple – during solo play, the motions of masturbation are transferred to the anus. During partner play, all thrusting motions from the loop end are transferred through the long dildo end.

The Bandito, hand-made using medical-grade silicone resin, features a bulbous head that also acts as an anal plug. It is 10 inches long and is available in Bluesteel and Black colors.

Chavez said more Jack Key toys will be released next year.