Woodman Streets 'Games of Perversion: Strange Games'

NORCO, Calif. — Woodman Entertainment streets "Games of Perversion: Strange Games" to North America on Tuesday, only through Ninn Worx_SR distribution.

"Games of Perversion" dares to go over the edge of hardcore and into the realm of the truly wicked mind fuck, according to the company.

"Space and time shift and change as buxom beauties are teased, tormented and ultimately filled with the savage desire to submit to their most carnal urges," Woodman spokesperson Richard Sharp said.

Eros-zine reviewers said of the "Games of Perversion" series: "This is as close as it comes to melding actual nonconsensual or semi-consensual female-submissive BDSM fantasies and hardcore porn. It walks the ragged edge between danger and reason."

In this installment of his masterful series, 'Strange Games', director Philippe Soine and his new team of happy henchmen terrify and tantalize adventurous vixens in 2-1/2 hours of pure perversion, the company said.

"Strange Games" stars Candy Cat, Nataly Lancaster, Nikki Sun, Patricia Parisch, Sue, Rittea and Valery Hilton. Male talent includes Bady Love, Diether Von Stein and Soine.

To order through Ninn Worx_SR email Tom Deniro at sales@ninnworx.com.