Third World Media's 'Miss Big Ass Brazil 4': More Than a Pretty Face

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Despite looking like a pageant title at first glance, Third World Media's latest production features booty queens, not beauty queens, who take on all comers in hardcore bareback action in "Miss Big Ass Brazil 4."

Nivea, Juliana, Luana, Luciana and Mona Liza live up to the title of Miss Big Ass Brazil in this all-anal extravaganza directed by industry veteran Ed "Bareback" Hunter and is scheduled to hit store shelves on Nov. 12.

Hunter said the production and shooting of the Miss Big Ass Brazil line takes planning and preparation, with a new volume of the series appearing every few months.

"This is a movie that's been months in the making," Hunter said. "Third World Media wants to ensure we have performers who not only pack the luscious butts that a title like Miss Big Ass Brazil requires, but that they're great performers who have a genuine passion for sex — particularly anal sex. While many companies are shooting and producing titles from South America, Third World Media is one of the pioneers of delivering real ethnic titles to the American market."

Steve Scott, president of Third World Media, said the company's insistence on featuring foreign females in their home countries makes the titles a hit with fans of ethnic adult entertainment.

"Over the last few years the ethnic adult market's exploded," Scott said. "The guys who want to see real Latin or Asian girls don't want to see the Americanized chick from down the street. When I first started, anything produced in a foreign country was a niche product and wasn't really considered in the mainstream of adult. Now the movies made overseas are just as popular as the movies made in the U.S. Third World Media is only interested in producing and bringing true ethnic girls to the fan's fingertips."

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