Chi Chi La Rue’s Rascal Toy Line Debuts With Topco

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Novelty manufacturer Topco Sales will debut Chi Chi La Rue’s Rascal Toy line during an event at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood. The party is scheduled is scheduled for 7 p.m. and will be followed with an after party at La Rue’s Dirty Deeds club night, held at Fubar.

“The new, high-quality Rascal Toys are so hot, fans are going to be knocking each other down to get their hands on them,” Channel 1 Releasing partner and director Chi Chi La Rue said.

The Rascal line includes a variety of dildos and insertables packaged in a bold black-and-red design. Rascal exclusive models Eddie Diaz and Cole Ryder are featured with realistic dildos molded from life.

“The products in the line are made out of a trademarked material called SensaFirm, which is unique in having dual layers,” Topco Director of Marketing and Public Relations Desiree Duffie told XBIZ. “It has a soft, flexible outer layer that is bonded with a silicone substrate to a hard inner core.

“The packaging reflects the Rascal Video brand and will certainly catch the eyes of savvy gay consumers. Plus the robust sizes truly set them apart. Since Rascal Video is known for its quality talent, we paid special attention to every detail of the replica pieces,” Duffie said.

La Rue will be DJing at the launch event, and Diaz and Cole will appear for photos and to sign for fans. Then, the party will move to Fubar where La Rue will continue to spin for featured go-go dancers and partygoers.

“It’s going to be really exciting and once the launch is finished, then we’re all going to move over to the Fubar where it all gets dirty at Dirty Deeds,” Channel 1 Releasing’s Tony Adonis told XBIZ. “We’re really excited about the new line; especially the packaging looks really sharp. Chi Chi is so happy with the way the whole line looks.”

The party at Pleasure Chest also will host product giveaways from Channel 1 Releasing and Topco Sales.

Ads for the event will run in Frontiers Magazine, as well as on Los Angeles’ 104.3 FM KBIG’s Twist Radio and

“The upcoming Rascal Toy launch at the Pleasure Chest is sure to be a hit,” Duffie said.

The Pleasure Chest is located at 7733 Santa Monica Blvd., and can be reached at (323) 650-1022. Fubar is located at 7994 Santa Monica Blvd.