Vivid, DGC PrePaid Offering Web Access Card

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment Group and DGC PrePaid are offering a new branded card for prepaid anonymous access to Vivid's Internet site. The cards, which feature the images of Vivid contract performers, will go on sale in truck stops and convenience and video stores nationwide beginning in October.

"The cardholder will have access to absolutely everything on the website, including our full-length movies, photo galleries and hundreds of pages of additional content," Vivid Co-Chairman Steven Hirsch said. "The Vivid cards address fundamental consumer privacy concerns because the purchaser is not required to provide any personal information whatsoever."

With a suggested retail price of $15, the cards will purchase two weeks of access to content on, starting when the card is activated by the user on the site. Retailers will make ID checks with all card purchases to make sure that consumers are of appropriate age.

DGC PrePaid has built a proprietary activation system that enables a card to be authorized by a clerk at a retail outlet and activated in the privacy of the user's home. The retailer can, alternately, offer a card that is "live" and pre-authorized.

A DGC PrePaid representative said that retailers can make significant sales commissions on the sale of both types of cards. The card is designed to be hung next to other prepaid cards at point of sale displays.

"Vivid is the number one adult company in the world," DGC PrePaid founder Timm Knapp told XBIZ. "They've got very strong brand recognition, and they're great at what they do. We wanted to get with the best." Based in Denver, DGC was formed for the express purpose of bringing prepaid technology to the adult industry. For more information, visit DGCPrePaidcom.