Lauren Phoenix Launches Affiliate Program

CANOGA PARK, CA — Lauren Phoenix has launched her webmaster affiliate program,

“I’d like to announce our doors are open, and we’ve got a $500 bonus for the webmaster who records the 50th full signup,” Phoenix said. “Just our small way of saying welcome to the program — you guys rock!”

Tre Synful, Phoenix’s webmaster, told XBiz that the new program boasts two unique features, the first being downline, viral payouts.

“We’re the first and only affiliate program to offer viral signups,” Synful said. “The income potential is incredible. Every signup a webmaster refers is turned into a potential affiliate. If a webmaster refers a signup, and then that member refers a friend, and they refer a friend, the originating webmaster gets paid full credit for the second and third referrals as if he originated them.”

Phoenix said the other unique feature that makes the new program unique is its Semi-Annual Grand Prize contest. In this case, spending time with Phoenix is part of the prize package.

“I’m going to give away to my top affiliate, every six months, a chance to party like there’s no tomorrow with me —pornstar style — at the next Internext,” Phoenix said.

Synful said the viral signups also apply to the prize giveaway, meaning webmasters earn points toward the prize for every member they bring in, as well as every member their signups refer.

The “dream-come-true” prize package includes airfare for two, three nights hotel accommodations, $1,000 spending cash and either a date or a scene with Phoenix herself.

Phoenix’s flagship paysite,, offers a similar prize: airfare for two, three nights hotel accommodations, $1,000 spending cash and sex with two adult stars.

Synful said the prospect of winning sex with adult stars is a powerful retention tool.

“We’re basically giving away a porn star sandwich,” Synful told XBiz. “Show me a guy who doesn’t want to be in that position.”

“It has allowed us to attract members who will happily rebill endlessly, as well as proactively attract other members to increase their own chances of winning,” Synful said. “This is the key to our webmasters’ abilities to maximize their income-earning potential from each and every signup.” is updated daily, with 12 new scenes and 16 new picture sets per month. Video plugins provide an additional 140 scenes, bringing the total to over 150 scenes per month.

Synful said the site is rounded out with erotic stories, adult games, e-zines and adult humor.

Phoenix also keeps in contact with members through the site’s messenger service and chat board. She also autographs and gives away up to four free DVD’s to help webmasters close sales more easily.

BigPimpinCash currently offers a 50 percent revenue share, with weekly payouts. The program offers webmasters marketing tools such as hosted galleries, free content and banners. Synful said Mansion Productions MPA3 affiliate program software made it easy to create a highly customized site. “We (Mansion Productions) do a lot of custom work for our MPA3 customers as everyone has their own ideas of what might make their program stand out among the other programs offered in our industry,” said Oystein Wright, CEO of Mansion Productions. “The customizations for BigPimpinCash was especially fun for us to do as it promotes a brand new way of enticing potential webmasters, as well as end users, to sign up to promote the site.”