Tristan Taormino Profiles Tightfit's Oren Cohen in Village Voice

NEW YORK — In an article titled "Born to Make Porn," Tightfit Productions CEO Oren Cohen is profiled in this week's Village Voice by Tristan Taormino's in her Pucker Up.

"I think the story was accurate and objective," Cohen told XBIZ. "I love everything that Tristan writes. Oddly enough, she's one of the few people who quotes me correctly. She interviewed me, and we've hung out on occasion. We vibed, and became friends, I guess."

Cohen is described as a third generation pornographer whose grandfather and parents were in the adult business. Taormino tells of some of his unorthodox ideas for his company, including his choice to use performers who are 21 or older instead of 18 and his intention to produce a non-profit video to raise funds for the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation.

In the profile, Cohen spoke about the growing commercialization and mainstreaming of adult material.

"I hate how we've completely fucked the value of product on a spiritual, intellectual, and financial level," Cohen told Taormino. "We've managed to suck every ounce of profit and fun out of making porn. Our dirty little secret became a fucking Budweiser billboard in front of Walmart."

Taormino also reports on Cohen's plans to launch 10 niche websites in September under the title Club Tightfit, including amateur, BDSM, and a site where female performers "ambush" amateur men to have sex.

The complete article can be accessed here.