Good Vibrations Launches Wooden Toy Line

SAN FRANCISCO — Toy retailer Good Vibrations has launched its new line of dildos, anal toys and cock rings made of exotic hardwood by toy manufacturer Nob Essence.

Packaged in specially designed boxes and carved in shapes that could pass the toys as modern art, the four-piece line is the company's most recent foray into exploring sex toys made from sustainable materials.

Good Vibes Head Buyer Coyote Days told XBIZ that the wood used to make the line is harvested in an environmentally sound manner and is then hand-carved into particular shapes.

The line includes the Fling G-spot dildo, the Rendezvous cock rings — available in three sizes — the Trist anal and G-spot stimulator and the Romp anal toy, specially made to reach the prostate.

Though the initial thought of using wood during sex play might seem strange to some, Days said that Nob Essence developed its own patented coating that is both hypoallergenic and 100-percent impermeable. The coating also is compatible with all lubricant and becomes slick with just a drop or two.

Days also said wooden toys are ideal because of their easy handling and, most importantly, their light weight.

The Rendezvous rings, she said, offer the same tension that a metal one would give, but without the added weight. The Fling is not only light but has a dual-sided handle designed for comfortable use alone or with a friend. And the dual functionality of the Trist makes it an environmental-friendly all-in-one buy.

And because each toy is handmade, Days said, each one is unique.

Days said she has noticed that companies designing toys with anatomy in mind has become a trend within the novelty industry. New toys are not just designed to look good — manufacturers are using innovative shapes that hit the spot in ways a traditionally styled toy could never do.