Suze and Holly Randall to Appear on 'The Insider'

LOS ANGELES — Mother and daughter director-photographers Suze and Holly Randall will face the mainstream press on tonight's episode of the tabloid program "The Insider" in an interview that Holly Randall described as equal parts "weird" and "funny."

"They kept trying to insinuate that we were shooting porn illegally," Randall said. "They kept asking us, 'What's the craziest thing that's ever happened on a porn shoot? Are you afraid of getting arrested?'"

Holly and her mother Suze Randall appeared on a recent episode of "The Secret Lives of Women," on the female-focused WE cable channel. Holly Randall said that appearance caught the attention of "The Insider," which sent its crew to interview the Randalls during a shoot with glamour models Cassia Riley and Shay Laren.

Besides the questions about their nonexistent troubles with the law, Holly Randall said that most of the interview focused on their working relationship, as well as on her mother's escapades with the famous.

"They asked us who our favorite celebrity would be to shoot," Randall said. "And they also asked my mom which celebs she had slept with. [My mother] didn't say, but she did say that just because they're celebrities doesn't mean they're any good in bed."

Randall, who also is a regular feature columnist for XBIZ, said she doesn't expect the package on her and her mother to last more than two minutes.

"The Insider" airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. PDT on KCBS channel 2 in Los Angeles. Check local listings for local airtimes.