Too Much Media Launches

FREEHOLD, N.J. — Too Much Media has launched, touted as "the adult industry board for business." promises to provide a fun and positive environment in which board members may conduct business in a successful and effective manner, the company said. also provides Too Much Media clients with an exclusive clients-only area in which they may privately work together and share knowledge.

“'No Trolls’ says it all, because one of the largest problems with today's adult message boards is ‘trolls’ – anonymous posters who flame, bash and verbally assault other posters and distract threads from their intended topic," Too Much Media Co-founder and Co-owner John Albright said. will require all members to provide company, position and identity information to ensure that there are no anonymous posters. also requires standardized signatures, to prevent signatures from becoming too distracting.

“We are very excited about the potential this board provides for conducting online business,” Albright said. “The environment we are building will help both TMM clients work with each other and with the overall adult industry population.”