Digital Playground Releases 'Slave' Trailer

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground is promoting its new feature “Slave to Love” by releasing an online trailer two weeks before the release date of the video and DVD. The movie is helmed by contract director Robby D. and stars Jessica Drake, Stormy, Alexa Rae, Cheyne Collins and Herschel Savage.

In “Slave to Love,” Collins plays a character named “Charlie” who is referred to as “a house pet.” As the title indicates, the feature is dominance and submission-themed.

In the trailer, Drake is seen strapping a studded leather collar around Charlie’s neck. The buxom blonde beauty then barks “get down on your fucking knees” at him.

The plot seems to involve alternative sexual universes. “Slave to Love” includes a number of locations, from exteriors shot at a waterfall and a swimming pool in what seems to be the Hollywood Hills, to interiors inside of a posh home.

According to Digital Playground’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Adella O’Neal, the Van Nuys-based production company releases video trailers for every original digital playground production.

"These are released for use on all of our fan, affiliate and distributor websites two weeks prior to street date,” O'Neal told XBiz. "It is my belief that making these video trailers available on all retail sites has a significant effect on our sales. All retail sites can use our trailers because we edit them soft - at least all recent titles are soft.”

O’Neal added: “To my knowledge, we are the only company which does this consistently. A few video companies have done this for ‘special releases,’ but not for all productions.”

According to Digital Playground, the “Slave of Love” free of charge preview covers all bandwidths. To view the trailer, click on

The world premiere of the feature length version of “Slave to Love” is Aug. 17.