In Search of the Elusive (Toy-Enhanced) Male Orgasm

In Search of the Elusive (Toy-Enhanced) Male Orgasm

MADRID — “Can men have a Satisfyer-level orgasm like women do with the famous toy?” That is the question posed by leading Spanish news publication El Independiente to Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment for Wow Tech.

Wow Tech created the air pressure technology behind Womanizer and the company is now promoting the Arcwave Ion, a device they hope will be a game-changer for male (or, to be more inclusive, “people with penises”) pleasure product customers.

The Arcwave Ion is one of several similar products "for men" being introduced in the pleasure product market by the major manufacturers.

Rief thinks the Arcwave Ion can do for penis-centric sexual experiences what pleasure air products have done for clit-centric orgasms.

Those products are so popular in Europe, and particularly in Spain, that “Satisfyer” has become a widespread generic name, much like “Hitachi” is used in America to refer to wand-style vibrators.

“The Arcwave Ion arrives on the market to close the gap between male and female sex toy consumption,” wrote El Independente. Rief added that Wow Tech’s goal with the device is to “directly target a taboo.”

“Society is more open to sex toys for females,” said Rief. “Compared to male-oriented products, there’s a much broader range for women that you would not have seen years ago. There’s been progress in that direction, but not much for male-oriented products.”

"There’s room for growth,” Rief added.

As to the initial question, Rief told El Independent that “we know the female orgasm is longer and more intense, and we want to make that experience available to men.”

“Our target demographic is very big,” Rief added. “Anyone with a penis can be a potential buyer.”

Searching for 'the Male Satisfyer'

El Independiente called Satisfyer “the trendy toy of the moment,” and wondered whether a “male Satisfyer” would be possible. Although the brand offers the Satisfyer Men line, in public consciousness there is still a wide gulf between pleasure products aimed at different genders.

“Many men come to the shop and complain about the lack of variety,” said sexpert Alba Povedano, who runs adult boutique Amantis. “The variety is increasing slowly, but we have heard that complaint, which also masks a certain degree of envy.”

“Most men would like to feel what a woman feels with a toy,” sentenced Povedano.

To read “Un Satisfyer para hombres: ¿pueden ellos tener un orgasmo como el de las mujeres?” visit El Independiente.

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